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Since 2020, Friendship House Roanoke has hosted interns and work study students from schools such as Liberty University, Roanoke College, and Baylor University. Interning at Friendship House Roanoke provides a unique opportunity to experience gospel-centered ministry while also developing servant leadership skills. We aim to develop interns in their capacity to build relationships within a diverse community and to increase compassion toward the poor and marginalized. Interns are presented with unique challenges. They will also gain a biblical understanding of systemic issues among the poor and marginalized.


Friendship House offers both Academic & Non-Academic internships. (See below for more details and instructions for applying.)

Academic Internships

Supervision for internships to fulfill academic requirements can be arranged as needed throughout the calendar year. We have primarily worked with interns in the academic disciplines of social work, pastoral counseling, and TESOL. We are very open to working with other disciplines, such as marketing, communication, youth/child/family studies and more!

Non-Academic Internships

We welcome individuals to come volunteer for personal development in a more committed capacity as an intern. These can be offered on a part time or full time basis. For any questions please, email Aaron Dowdy.

All interested individuals who would like to intern with us should complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the intern application to let us know you are interested.

  2. Selected applicants must participate in an interview after applying.

  3. General summer internships are requested by March 31st to consider everyone fully.

  4. If you are interested in fall, spring or summer internships, contact us ( for more info.